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For script-based sites, almost all web hosting providers offer database support. A database is a set of tables utilized for handling and restoring content shown on a website. One of the most relevant illustrations would be a message board - all user names, passwords, and message board messages are preserved in a database and are called and shown on the website by the forum script when a specific forum page is being opened.


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Lonex's unmetered personal web hosting package is priced at only $3.95/mo. Unlimited storage and data transfer. Single domain name hosting with easy domain name and digital certificate management tools. Databases are utilized with most free PHP scripts, including e-business sites, and are an essential constituent of the regular web site hosting solution at present. There are several kinds of database management systems - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, etc.


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For example, JAVA scripts, .ASP pages, .NET Framework, Adobe ColdFusion are all based on Windows and will not work on a Linux hosting server. Thus, if you aim to devise your website using any of the above, you should be looking for a Windows solution. Windows, however, is not an open-source platform, which denotes that it offers restricted possibilities as far as server security and privacy are concerned.


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Host unlimited domain names & sites within one business hosting account with Lonex - a reliable hosting and domain name registration provider. The customizability of Linux permits for greater software optimization, which contributes to better site operation. So, if you want supreme safety and server performance, then you should build your website in such a way that it runs with a Linux-driven web server.


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Your website content is situated on a web hosting server and to be able to open this web content, the web hosting service provider apportions a certain quota of monthly web hosting traffic to your account, which comes into play every time somebody looks up your website.


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Web hosting with hassle-free domain name and digital certificate management. When you arrive at a website, the web site files are copied from the web server to your PC and are then displayed in your browser. A website with multiple images or an immense amount of downloadable content would consume much more traffic, so this is a crucial aspect when the time arrives for you to pick an apt shared hosting.