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Free phpBB Hosting

The free hosting service is an acceptable choice if you do not wish to invest money in your web portal or you are making your initial steps in web page design and want to see how well you can manage, but you are reluctant to give money for that.Host unlimited domain names & sub-domains within one business shared hosting account with Lonex.com - a respectable hosting and domain name registration provider.


Free Wordpress Hosting

Thanks to the easy-to-use web apps installer, which is included in Lonex's free hosting plan, you can start your forum in a matter of minutes. You get a top free web hosting for your forum and you can start setting up categories and forum topics right away.


Free 4Images Web Hosting

With a free open-source CMS and the free web hosting plan you can easily start your website without having any technical or programming experience. At FreeHostia you can choose between several popular free content management systems, which you can install directly from your web hosting control panel.


Free Joomla Web Hosting

Many of the popular web applications are pre-installed and included with the free hosting plan. Don’t hesitate to try them out, it only takes 5 minutes or less to get any of the web apps installed thanks to FreeHostia’s innovative Elefante Installer available directly through your web hosting control panel with FreeHostia.com.


Best Free Hosting

With FreeHostia you also get an online File Manager, which you can use to upload a .zip of your entire website at once. This makes the file upload even easier. With the online file manager integrated within your free web hosting control panel you can also modify files, edit, rename, move, copy, etc. - virtually all file operations are available through an intuitive and fast web interface.


Free Forum Hosting

With FreeHostia you get for free a fully-featured web hosting plan that isn't much different than paid hosting plans. The only difference are several restrictions such as the file size limit, the lack of the visitor statistics tool and error and access logs, which you could easily overcome by upgrading to one of FreeHostia's low-cost premium hosting plans. Free Hosting is perfect if you are still new in this.